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We're out looking for Astronauts

Sunday August 19th | 09.38 am

All I want to do is climb mountains.

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Grew up at midnight

Monday February 20th | 08.07 pm
music: The Maccabees

Recently I have:

Booked a holiday to Amsterdam.
Cooked pasta with rocket and goats cheese.
Put up curtains.
Pulled up weeds.
Sat at a computer for eight hours a day.
Five days a week.
Thought about getting a train somewhere.
Bought a lemon.

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There's nothing in the water

Friday August 19th | 07.34 pm

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Alarm clock radio

Thursday May 26th | 06.10 pm
location: Bristol
music: Bright Eyes

It might be easier to dream of mountains and bears and foxes and hares if I didn't keep tripping over that box by the stairs.

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I turned round and there you go

Tuesday April 19th | 07.49 pm
location: Bristol
music: Fleet Foxes

Recently I have:

Moved house
Sanded down a skirting board
Painted it with thick white paint
Sat in the garden on a dining room chair
Made ginger cake
Worked in an empty office
Read an email that said 'wishing you a lovely Wednesday!'
Opened the windows

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The daily races

Friday February 18th | 08.14 pm

Recently I have:

Got my hair cut short.
Bought new music.
Got up at five.
Lay in a bath in a hotel room next to a motorway.
Bought new shoes.
Got up at ten.
Lay on the sofa with oranges and a head ache.
Read good books.
Made tea.
Thought of you.
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Not the most honest means of travel

Saturday November 6th | 11.07 am
location: Bristol
music: Paolo Nutini

Recently I have:

Moved flat

Bought winter boots

Ate fish and chips in a pub by a lock

Looked up at the unlit Christmas lights on Oxford Street

Had a headache

Watched the xfactor

Made sweet potato soup

Walked home from work in the dark

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Good Friday

Friday April 2nd | 12.39 pm

Do you remember when we ate lamb chops with mashed potatoes and mint sauce in the autumn? And do you remember when you'd phone on Sunday night? And do you remember when you sat by me with the electric heater on and snow outside when I was ill? And do you think we'll all be okay now?

And everyone used to ask what do you want to be when you're older and now they ask what did you want to be when you were younger.

What do you want to do next in life? Do you want to by a house by a little stream and a le creuset lasagna dish in aubergine purple, and a little statue of Buddha because it keeps you calm. I think we'll all be okay. And this evening we can cook spaghetti and watch friends and the evening news. And at the weekend you can visit us and we can all go out for drinks in a pub with big white candles on the table. And I hope you're well, and you and you and that everything will be okay.

Do you know, I think it's hailing.

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The winter wind

Thursday January 28th | 08.23 am
location: Bristol

I rode my bike down a hill and fell off and broke my wrist. I moved to a new city. I bought furniture and picture frames and a potted plant. My wrist healed. The plant died. I went home for christmas and came back after new years.

It snowed a lot and everyone was in a panic and they put the price of salt up in the supermarkets. The snow melted. I drank honey and lemon tea until I ran out of lemons.

I get the train to work in the morning. I read my book on the same bench every day and the same people get on the train at the same stops and the conductor doesn't check our tickets anymore.

It's nice to come back in the evenings and and see a line of light under the living room door and hear the record player playing.

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I swear I love you more

Friday September 4th | 10.35 am
location: Southampton
music: Iron & Wine

I miss winter. I want to go on the kind of walk where your toes are freezing inside your shoes and the wind buffs your cheeks until they are rosy red.
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